The Wine World: Winning & Losing (Volume 9)

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The summer evokes a renewed focus on living healthy. Going to the beach, little league baseball, adult recreational soccer leagues, and barbeques replace the sedentary and obese connotations of the winter and spring months. And what’s a more integral component to healthy living than our beloved wine?! During past couple weeks, there’s been a number of articles extolling the healing and preventative qualities of our favorite beverage.

Oddly, you don’t hear the same benefits being attributed to beer, so why buck the trend any longer hopheads? Embrace what God has given us through the magic of fermented grapes. So here’s to your health and remember these benefits are only obtained when drinking in moderation. I guess that’s been my problem…crap!


Belly-up to the wine bar moms-to-be – One thing that often hinders wine loving fathers-to-be during their 9 month period of loving support is the persistence of moms-to-be to stay “on the wagon”. Now I’m not saying that moms-to-be should go get sloppy drunk, that would be terrible. However, the occasional glass will likely do two things: give your baby an amazing palate, and more importantly, level out those raging hormones! Thanks to The Imperfect Parent for the reinforcement, as researchers have found that a glass of wine doesn’t have adverse side effects on the unborn child.

Wine makes you wicked smart – Resveratrol, the polyphenolic compound in wine, has been linked to reduced risk of diabetes, heart disease and certain cancers, amongst other health benefits ever since the publishing of Dr. Serge Renaud’s The French Paradox. Now, according to researchers at Louisiana State University and the Nebraska Medical Center, we can add to that cognative health. It turns out that the anti-inflammatory qualities causes better circulation and a lower risk of cognitive decline in lab rats with diabetes. Since it works for lab rats it must be true for humans as well. Right?!

Wine makes you fitter – Reason 2,759,371 as to why wine is hands down the greatest drink ever; it helps sedentary people live healthier. Yes, the greatest way to cure the lady from Hoarders who was worried about her bones being brittle, feed her wine (and force her to clean her damn house). According to a recent study, Resveratrol slows the deterioration of muscle and bone density that’s caused by being lazy, or in the study quoted, an astronaut.


Those lying bastards – When I drink wine, I don’t do it to get drunk; however it’s occasionally a pleasant side effect. However, when I drink some Sonoma Pinots or Santa Barbara Syrah with claims of 15% alcohol, I get a bit sloppier than normal. Wonder why? Well, studies have shown that alcohol levels on the label is quite different from what’s in the bottle. Just last year at a wine dinner I put on, one of the wines featured was a Pinot Noir from Kosta Browne. The alcohol level on the label said 15%; however I’m willing to put money on the reality being > 16%. How can this happen? Well, laws governing wine label information allow a certain margin for error, which is set at 1% (either above or below). 1% doesn’t sound like much; however it makes a huge difference when you wake up thinking “what a wonderful evening” and then realizing the tattoo on your forehead!

And with that being said, I’m out.

For other findings regarding the healing and preventative powers of white wine, read Reasearchers praise the effects of white wine on health, which I wrote exclusively for Smart Tastes. Cheers!

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2 responses to “The Wine World: Winning & Losing (Volume 9)

  1. Ellen Fournier

    I read a little clip in Wine Spectator that talked about chocolate and its benefits too. So between wine and chocolate, I think I’m covered!

    Cheers to our health!

  2. Hi Ellen,

    Thanks for the comments today!

    I read that same blurb in WS as well. I had no clue that chocolate was second to only wine in terms of resveratrol concentration. So eat up and drink up…oh wait, in moderation!


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