The Wine World: Winning & Losing (Volume 10)

Alright, it’s been a busy couple weeks. Between a couple articles about investing in wine and then something about The Godfather mixed in there, I’ve neglected the headlines. So, we’ve got a lot to cover on today’s show. We’ll be looking at everything from online wine auctions and socialist bloggers to John Edwards’ hair. Now hold on to your decanters, it’s going to be a crazy ride.


Cadel Evans – The humble Aussie took the 2011 Tour de France in style. Facing a 50+ second deficit going into the penultimate stage, an individual time trial, Evans unleashed fury and produced the best time trial of his career. Good timing too, as it propelled him to a 1 minute 34 second advantage over his nearest rival by the end of the day. Yes, that’s almost 2 ½ minutes in a ride that lasted only 57 min total! On the podium, the Tour witnessed a special moment, the wonderfully stoic soon-to-be-crowned champion smiled and teared up. The heartache of past shortcomings wiped away in a matter of 57 minutes, it’s a beautiful thing. Congrats Cadel! Vive Le Tour!

Online Wine Auctions – Ahhh! I thought I found a safe haven. A magical place filled with my fellow poor collectors from America, Iceland, Greece, Italy, Ireland and Spain. Alas, I was mistaken. Asians are quickly becoming more active in the online auction space. As with the concept of en primeur, they were slow to jump into this arena, but watch out. On the plus side, it’s a great sign for sellers of solid investment wines as your demand (especially for Bordeaux First and Second Growths) is likely going to spike as they continue to embrace this forum. I wonder if the Chinese government allows them to view all online wine auction sites?! Maybe web censorship is a good thing.

Congressman Paul Ryan – Paul Ryan and two other guests, both economists, enjoyed a couple solid bottles of ’04 Jayer-Gilles Grand Cru Echezeaux at dinner a few weeks back. Unfortunately, a self-righteous lib academic took umbrage with this, interrupted Ryan and spoke her mind. She has every right, it’s a free country; however you can’t help but wonder how this misguided woman is shaping her students’ minds. She then reported the incident to the liberal blogosphere and Joshua Green, liberal (read Socialist) blogger, picked up on the scent of perceived class injustice and ran with it. Come on man, why can’t a guy go out and have a nice meal with a couple economist buddies? Actually, it seems like a decent time to be talking to an economist (or two). Why don’t you go find where Nancy Pelosi was that night and see if she opted for a PBR over a nice bottle of wine? Only difference is she’d be dining with a union chief or lobbyist. Wait, who cares, she can eat and drink whatever she wants with whomever she wants. And to address the Marxist article Green was referring, the $700 spent on wine is a healthy amount and the same as a minimum wage earning couple’s weekly pay. But that’s capitalism, you can spend your money on what you want, what you can afford is all relative. Paul Ryan = Winning for getting to drink some good juice and putting up with this crap on a daily basis.


“There was red everywhere, but it smelled phenomenal. They were really impressed with the smell." (PRNewsFoto/Mollydooker Wines)

Mollydooker’s US Fans – Tragedy struck as a crate of Mollydooker’s high-end greatness Velvet Glove crashed to earth destroying all but one case. The shipment of their prestige label, bound for the US, was destroyed when a forklift malfunctioned, allowing the crate to meet its maker. Sparky Marquis, the whimsical owner of Mollydooker, not one to publically cry over spilt wine, was quoted saying “there was red everywhere, but it smelled phenomenal. They were really impressed with the smell.” Knowing that, it makes losing $1M worth of wine all the easier.

Reality TV Whores Michaele and Tareq Salahi – Shocker, they ran a failed business and duped people out of money. In reality, should we expect more from them? This time it’s a woman trying to celebrate her graduation from grad school by taking a guided tour of Virginia’s wine country with friends, when she was taken by these con artists. You two need to go somewhere and…well you know.

Socialist Blogger Josh Green – See Congressman Paul Ryan (above). I hope you really don’t believe what your writing insinuates. Class warfare is never an attractive or intelligent argument. The debate that’s currently out there is about government spending, not personal spending, even if it’s by elected officials. So how about you leave wine out of your trivial attempts at being relevant. And btw, John Edwards did deserve to catch flack because he spent $400 on a haircut. What man does that?!

And like that I’m out. Peace!


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5 responses to “The Wine World: Winning & Losing (Volume 10)

  1. Jon R.

    Wow…read the blog post you were referring to by Josh Green and the one by Susan Crabtree that he noted. I’m really confused by these people’s logic and to your point, it’s sad that Susan Feinberg (the “lib academic”) is allowed to influence the future of this country. So, just to make sure, we’re not supposed to buy expensive wine because it represents too much of someone else’s weekly pay, right? Or does that just apply to Ryan? Is there somewhere that these rules are written?

    On a lighter note I just bought some of the Coppola zin and really enjoyed it. Did you notice that it had a bit of a textured feel to it? Also found the ’08 Chateau Lyonnat from a few weeks back, I’ll let you know what I thought.


    • JR,

      According to the Chapter 6, section 3 of the New Communist Manifesto, it clearly states that “Class warfare is applied only in instances when the promotion of socialist ideals over capitalism can best be promoted. For example, whenever a corporate executive or Republican politician is participating in said activity is it ok for the injustice that this behavior represents to be brought to light. If said perpetrator is of our favorable ilk, such transgressions are to go unnoticed and unreported by likeminded media and pseudo-media outlets. Failure to follow this rule is considered a treasonous act and is punishable by death.” After reading that passage I’d say that explains a lot!

      As for the texture of the Coppola, I noticed a sensation in the character too. I wrote it off to the wine being unfiltered; but found it pleasant actually. Reminded me of an aged wine with sediment. Glad you enjoyed it and I think you’ll love the Lyonnat.



      PS – I’m well aware that the “New Communist Manifesto” does not exist…in writing that is.

  2. Jaden

    You should leave politics out of your blog, it’s too polarizing. I like your writing, but being a democrat I was a bit uncomfortable with being called a socialist. Thanks!

  3. Jaden,

    I understand the negative connotation of being called a socialist; however if you’re not a socialist, then don’t take offense!

    What I was clearly referring to was Josh Green’s attempt to use this event to pit the “have nots” against the the “haves”. Class warfare is very much a socialist virtue and it was Green, Crabtree and Feinberg that chose to make wine the focal point of this perceived injustice. Thus, I was calling them socialists, and justifiably so.

    Being a weekly article that covers current events in the wine world, I think this is certainly worthy of being mentioned. All the best and I hope you understand why this was included in this instance.


    • Jaden

      Understood, just wanted some clarity. I actually thought the post was very entertaining, especially the part about Edward’s hair. Thanks for responding so quickly.

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